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Moana Pozzi

Italian News - September 12

A prosecutor in Rome has opened an inquiry into the death of Italy’s most famous porn actress on the suspicion that it was faked to hide her links to “a top politician”. Moana Pozzi was reported to have died of liver cancer eleven years ago in France at the age of 33. She is said to have had leukaemia as a child. However, Attilio Pisani, the prosecutor, said there were “many flaws and inconsistencies” in the official version of her death.

His decision to reopen the case follows the publication this summer of Moana: A Political Mystery, a biography by Brunetto Fantauzzi, the former head of her fan club. The case has been taken up by Coisuc, the Italian consumer association, which lodged a formal request for an investigation. Pozzi’s bestselling memoirs, The Philosophy of Moana, published in 1991, referred to relationships with famous men, without naming them. She made her film debut in 1985 in Federico Fellini’s Ginger and Fred. She modelled for Karl Lagerfeld in Milan, and in 1992 stood for Parliament, unsuccessfully, for the Love Party.

Il Messaggero, a daily newspaper in Rome, said that she had also become involved with “some of the country’s most powerful men”. Ennio Biasciucci, the head of Coisuc, said that Pozzi was said to have died at a clinic in Lyons in September 1994, but “nobody saw the body apart from her mother and sister”. No one had seen the urn containing her ashes, and no officials at the Lyons clinic had confirmed her presence there. The hospital had no facilities for cremation at the time, and her cremation had not been registered with the Italian authorities as required by law.

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