The Italian Almanac


Italian News - September 15

Naples declares its love for the coffee bean this weekend with a festival that looks at the delicious drink from every possible angle. The third edition of Caffest is on at Castel dell'Ovo, one of the city's most distinctive monuments, from 10am to 8pm this Saturday and Sunday. The event gives visitors the chance to sample the range of wonderful flavours coffee can produce, as well as learning about the beverage's history and its wider role in society.

Experts will demonstrate how coffee is made, the different plants, beans and mixes used, and uncover the drink's therapeutic and aphrodisiac properties. An array of historic coffee machines from different parts of the world are on display, some of which will be put through their paces by specialist bar staff.

Ample space is also given to the drink's influence in the world of culture. An exhibition of paintings, including a piece by French master Edouard Manet, will reveal how artists have portrayed coffee-drinking over the centuries. A selection of shots by Italian photographer Giuseppe Villirillo captures famous people as they enjoy a cup. Cinema fans, meanwhile, will be able to see extracts from classic Italian and Hollywood movies in which coffee, in one way or another, plays a key role.