The Italian Almanac

chastity belt

Italian News - September 24

What started out as a joke turned into a profitable business for Italian sculptor Angelo Camerino who sells his virtuous creations in Italy and worldwide.Ten years ago the artist made a first pair of underpants in sheet metal.

Camerino's sheet metal belts made for either sex, lined in leather and satin, weigh about two pounds have a lock at navel level. Prices for the custom-made chastity chambers run between $1,000-1,600. The more expensive models, which decorative inlays, a heavier metal and no padding, were commissioned by the clients from Saudi Arabia.

He says he's interested in the sculpture, not how his creations are used. "I suspect the padded and lined ones are used for erotic games -- thought not too long ago, I got an order from a jealous husband in Calabria, so perhaps they are put to practical use." The elderly sculptor points out, however, that he would turn down commissions to make belts which hark back use as an instrument of torture -- "if I thought it would do damage or otherwise harm I wouldn't make it."