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San Siro stadium

Italian News - October 7

AC Milan vice-president Adriano Galliani says his club could leave their famous San Siro home and build a new a venue in the city. "Our stadium is among the least worst in Italy, the pitch is magnificent, you have a good view from the stands, the majority of fans donít get wet if it rains and it is easy to get to. But the first level was built in 1926 and sharing with Inter Milan isnít easy. Interís directors have different ideas to us and so maybe it is time to think of two new stadiums for the city of Milan," Galliani said in an interview.

Milan, formed in 1899, played at five different stadiums before moving to the San Siro in 1926 and were not joined by Inter until 1947. Before moving in with their Ďcousinsí at the San Siro, Inter played at the Arena, in the centre of the city, which is the oldest venue in the world to have staged first class football having been opened in 1807 a century before Inter were formed. The three-tier San Siro, which currently has space for 80,000 fans, was radically redeveloped for the 1990 World Cup finals and was the venue for the opening game of that tournament.

Although the World Cup allowed huge investment in stadiums across Italy, Galliani, who is also president of the Italian Football League, said it was not spent wisely. "The error of ĎItalia 90í was developing existing stadiums or building new ones with athletic tracks. That was how we lost a historic opportunity," he said. Attendances in Italy this season are down by 20 percent and while some, such as Football Federation chief Franco Carraro, have blamed ticket prices and crowd violence, Galliani says the stadiums are also to blame.