The Italian Almanac

Naples night

Italian News - October 31

Naples on Sunday hailed the success of its first 'White Night' experience, saying more than two million people took part in the dusk-to-dawn bonanza of music and culture. Following in the footsteps of Rome and Milan, the southern city stayed up all night on Saturday with a marathon of parties, concerts and street shows.

Restaurants and bars remained open along with many of the city's museums and art venues, while big-name Italian singers such as Claudio Baglioni and Naples' own Pino Daniele staged open concerts. One of the most popular events was a 90-minute stand-up performance by anti-establishment comic Beppe Grillo, who has just been named one of Time magazine's European heroes for 2005.

The White Night was so successful that Naples officials said they would consider making it an annual event. City Mayor Rosa Russo Jervolino said that "it was a wonderful demonstration of civilisation and solidarity... and it will be repeated." The head of the government of the Campania region surrounding Naples, Antonio Bassolino, said that "this was a great night of celebrations. This was Naples showing that it is alive and vital and ready to tackle its many problems and difficulties. Naples has rediscovered its sense of community, which is a fantastic achievement."