The Italian Almanac

Eros Ramazzotti

Italian Music - October 27

Italian pop sensation Eros Ramazzotti is primed to return to the world's charts with 'Calma Apparente' (Apparent Calm), his new album which comes out on Friday. Ramazzotti's 10th collection features 13 songs, including I Belong To You, a duet with American soul star Anastacia. "It started out as a piece for one voice, but we then transformed it into a duet," explained the singer, who has sold some 35 million records in a career spanning 23 years.

"Thinking back to all the duets of my career (with greats like Tina Turner, Cher and Joe Cocker), Anastacia is the artist I felt most at home with." The release of the collection - which comes out both in Italian and Spanish versions - coincides with the singer's 42nd birthday.

As with his previous album, 9, he uses his music to reveal his state of mind following his divorce from Swiss model-turned-television presenter Michelle Hunziker three years ago. Relations between Ramazzotti and his ex wife have provided Italian gossip columnists with heaps of material in recent months. Coverage of Hunziker's subsequent love affairs in celebrity news magazines and her alleged involvement with mystic groups reportedly caused friction between the former spouses.

Ramazzotti recently obtained a court injunction forbidding Hunziker from letting their daughter Aurora spend time with her most recent flame, her manager Salvatore Passaro. Hunziker has since split up with Passaro and relations with Ramazzotti have improved as a result.