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Italian News - October 6

An Italian man who spent two years supposedly unconscious in a deep coma, written off by doctors as nearly-dead, awoke saying he heard and understood everything happening around him during the long ordeal, his family said.

Salvatore Crisafulli, a father of four, is describing his case as a "miracle" which proves that lost causes are anything but hopeless and his recovery appeared to strengthen the hand of Italians opposed to end-of-life solutions.

"The doctors said that I wasn't conscious, but I understood everything and I cried in desperation," Crisafulli was quoted as saying in Italian media. The comments were relayed through his brother in Sicily as Crisafulli, 38, slowly started recovering.

He emerged from the coma, caused by a 2003 road accident, three months ago but only began speaking recently. His first word was "Mamma", his mother told the press.