The Italian Almanac

trick or treat

Italian News - November 2

Two teenagers were hospitalized in serious condition after a man allegedly opened fire on them as they went door-to-door to collect candy on Halloween night, local police said Tuesday. Officials said a retiree apparently shot the 14-year-old boys, who were with a group of friends when they knocked on his door in the small town of Chiaverano, near Ivrea, in northern Italy.

Police in Ivrea said the youths were expected to survive. Paola Capozzi of the Ivrea police station said the 70-year-old man, Benito Dabbelani, had been arrested and charged with attempted murder. Police officers searched Dabbelani's apartment and found that the weapon he used was registered.

Capozzi said the group of teenagers had thrown firecrackers outside the man's door, who then fired at them to scare them away. ``He didn't realize he wounded them. He lives on his own and has been the victim of jokes in the past. Children made fun of him because he was isolated,'' Capozzi said. ``Of course, that doesn't justify what happened.''

Halloween has become increasingly popular in Italy, but going ``trick-or-treating'' is still not as widespread a practice as it is in the United States.