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Italian News - November 22

Launched the Italian Prime Minister Silvio Berlusconi at the official inaugeration and favoured by perfect weather conditions, the 63rd edition of the International Motorcycle Exhibition in Milan closed with yet another record of public visitors, beating the expected figure of 500,000.

The records set by the 2005 show are 64,000 sq.m of show space, 300,000 of total show area, 1560 exhibitors and 2150 journalists accredited for the show. Such numbers have never been reached by any two-wheel show. The constant flow of the public in the brand new halls was amazing and the strong presence of the Italian and International trade visitors was the highlight for the organisers. More 60,000 international visitors attended the show from around the world.

"We're going to celebrate the success of the show on Sunday but on Monday we'll quickly begin working on the 2006 show," the Director General of ANCMA and EICMA Costantino Ruggiero said. "Lots of exhibitors have already confirmed their presence for the next edition. Working with the Milan Fiera people we're going to work to improve some aspects of the show such as parking and services."