The Italian Almanac

Monza Grand Prix

Italian News - November 18

Monza's future as host of the Italian Grand Prix could be in peril after a court ruled cars racing there must have silencers to reduce noise pollution. Judge Marco Manunta upheld complaints from residents of the town of Biassono. The Gazzetta dello Sport said he called motor racing a "superfluous, dangerous and socially useless activity that had a major impact on the environment".

"At this moment in time we would not be able to host F1," said circuit director Enrico Ferrari, who vowed to appeal. The circuit is co-owned by the municipalities of Monza and the city of Milan, and city officials said they were confident their appeal would be successful. "It is right to protect the environment but it is also right that we should avoid excesses that might wipe out important traditions," said Milan deputy major, Riccardo De Corato.