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Italian News - November 18

Husbands are entitled to leave their wives at home for nights out and even holidays, Italy's high court says. "Solo leisure activities are not a breach of marital duties," the court ruled, rejecting an appeal for alimony from a woman who divorced her husband because he was away from home so often. Vittorio S., a middle-aged professional from northern Italy, was within his rights when he kept going out for nights with the boys and had the occasional holiday on his own.

Vittorio "shouldn't be blamed" for the end of his marriage to Annamaria C., the Cassation Court said. It said the woman "could not have found his behaviour intolerable" since she kept on living with him and initially fought against their separation. Vittorio's desire for more personal space was an "understandable" response to the deterioration of the relationship, and not the cause of it, the judges said. "The cry for freedom was the expression of a pre-existing malaise," they ruled.