The Italian Almanac


Italian News - November 25

Mantua is Italy’s paradise and Vibo Valentia the country’s “inferno”. That was the verdict of the Legambiente survey to classify of cities and towns in Italy by their quality of environment. The results sum up the two main trends highlighted by “Ecosistema urbano 2006” (Urban Ecosystem 2006), the environmentalist association’s annual study. People live increasingly well in small to medium-sized towns, and worse in the cities. The contentment gap between provinces and big cities is growing, as is the rift between the improving North and a worsening South.

The traffic crisis, air pollution and rising noise levels are pushing down the quality of life in Italy’s cities. The best turned out to be Rome. Although only 68th, Rome is the first metropolis on the list of 103 towns and cities. Behind the capital is Genoa, in 70th place, Turin at 73 and Naples, 75th. The only city to do worse than Milan, 82nd on the list, is Palermo, ranked 86th. The collapse of the cities is one of the most significant data to emerge from the study. In addition to smog and traffic, waste water treatment and, especially in the South, refuse separation have created problems for some cities.