The Italian Almanac


Italian News - November 3

A Genoese society lady has been arrested for plundering some of the city's swankiest jewellers' shops by hiding the booty in her underwear. "I vainly tried to enrich my leisured but boring life with trips and other pursuits, but those emotions were no longer enough for me," the 59-year-old told police. She said she was looking for " new thrills".

The shoplifting spree came to an end when police planted a hidden camera in the woman's favourite jewellers after the owner complained of "mysterious" thefts. She was caught on camera as she picked out jewelry, asked for the bathroom, and stuffed diamond rings, gold necklaces and jewel-studded ear-rings into her panties.

The owner was said to have been "dumbfounded" that his most assiduous client, described as "an elegant and attractive lady," turned out to be the jewel thief. Police searched the woman's apartment in the swish San Fruttuoso district, just around the corner from the jewellers, and found plundered treasure worth 100,000 Euro.