The Italian Almanac

November 2005


Italian News - November 30

Italian Premier Silvio Berlusconi's latest 
efforts at  writing love songs will be  on 
display soon in a new CD being prepared by 
his partner in music Mariano Apicella.     

Italian Science - November 30

Your  heartbeat accelerates,  you have butterflies 
in the stomach, you feel euphoric and a bit silly. 
It's all part of falling passionately in love  but 
it won't last more than a year.   

Italian News - November 29

A leading Italian expert has dismissed claims 
by an Australian marine biologist that sharks 
are a growing threat to humans.     

Italian News - November 29

Italian league  and cup football games in the  next 
week are all to start five minutes late to  protest 
against racism among fans which again provoked ugly 
incidents at the weekend.   

Italian News - November 28

Growing numbers of educated Italian women are 
throwing away  their high heels and  lipstick 
and opting for the austere  life  of nuns  in 
closed convents.    

Italian Sport - November 28

The Olympic  torch has set off on the long  journey 
that will take it to Turin next February, venue for 
the 2006 Winter Olympics.  The torch was lit from a 
beacon kindled by the sun's rays in Olympia.   

Italian Science - November 28

Italian scientists have found a  way to  scan 
the centres in the brain where epileptic fits 
are  triggered.  Surgeons  will  operate with 
precision to alleviate the condition.    

Italian News - November 27

Celebrated Hollywood director  Martin Scorsese 
on Saturday paid homage to Italian cinema in a 
long speech after receiving an honorary degree 
in Bologna.    

Italian News - November 27

The St. Henry District High School Chamber 
Choir will  leave  Erlanger the day  after 
Christmas for Rome. The choir will sing at 
St. Peter's Basilica in Vatican City.    

Italian News - November 26

Daniela Mercury was dropped after Vatican 
authorities read statements by her in the 
Brazilian  press that went  "against  the 
moral doctrine of the church."    

Italian News - November 26

Everyday life is set around the  Nativity, 
but this time the traditional figures  are 
joined by others that reflect the chaos in 
today’s world.    

Italian News - November 26

At the pre-tour press conference the crooner from 
Vancouver flashed the new passport  -  issued  on 
October 21 - which means he now has dual  Italian
Canadian nationality.   

Italian News - November 25

Mantua is Italy’s paradise and  Vibo Valentia 
the country’s “inferno”. That was the verdict 
of the  Legambiente  survey  to  classify  of 
cities  and towns in Italy.    

Italian News - November 25

A group of Italian researchers will leave Saturday 
to  sail around Antarctica in a three-year project 
which will have sports  and humanitarian goals  as 
well as scientific ones.   

Italian News - November 25

The Autostrade per l’Italia management company 
is ready to deliver to  the country’s  highway 
police  one of  the most formidable  tools  of 
prevention that they have ever had.    

Italian News - November 24

The United States  is to close a  military  base 
on the Italian island of Sardinia now considered 
surplus  to requirements for the defence of  the 

Italian News - November 24

The idea is simple: to bloat the subsurface 
of Venice and lift the city,  defending  it 
from high water. How? By injecting seawater 
700 metres underground.    

Italian News - November 22

Favoured by perfect  weather conditions,  the 63rd 
edition of the International Motorcycle Exhibition 
in Milan closed with yet another record of  public 

Italian News - November 22

Rome's Jewish community, the oldest in Europe, 
on Tuesday  opened  a  museum under the city's 
synagogue,  near the river Tiber,  to document 
its long and eventful history.    

Italian Science - November 22

Italian scientists  working in  Antarctica 
have dug up the first ever sample of under
water permafrost, something  not  normally 
seen as possible.   

Italian News - November 21

Police flagged down the Formula One driver 
at dawn on the outskirts of Rome where  he 
was zipping along at 148 kph  -  almost 90 
kilometres over the area speed limit.   

Italian Science - November 21

Until now historians have found evidence 
suggesting ancient high priests in Egypt 
prohibited pig meat, in common with many 
Middle Eastern peoples.   

Italian News - November 20

An Italian judge who  refuses to hear  cases 
because there are crucifixes in the nation’s 
courtrooms  was convicted Friday  of failing 
to carry out his official duties.   

Italian News - November 20

A stunned Italian actor had to stub out  the 
cigarette he  had lit  up on  stage after  a 
spectator complained, forcing the theatre to 
change the script of an Arthur Miller play.  

Italian News - November 19

The next Venice Carnevale will be spiced up 
with a generous serving of Chinese culture, 
the city  announced at the presentation  of 
the 2006 programme.   

Italian News - November 19

An Italian woman  whose  jealous husband  was 
wrongly convinced she'd starred in an amateur 
video has wound up in a pickle after claiming 
she'd been abducted for the shoot.  

Italian History - November 19

The oldest map of anywhere in the western 
world, known as the Soleto Map and dating 
from about 500 BC, has been unearthed  in 
southern Italy.   

Italian News - November 18

"Solo leisure  activities are not a  breach of 
marital duties," the court ruled, rejecting an 
appeal for  alimony from a woman who  divorced 
her husband.  

Italian News - November 18

Monza's future as host of the Italian Grand 
Prix could be in peril after a  court ruled 
cars  racing there  must have silencers  to 
reduce noise pollution.  

Italian News - November 17

The  sweet tooth of two thieves proved  their 
undoing after police nabbed them by following 
the  paper trail of candy wrappers they  left 
behind them.  

Italian News / Music - November 17

Italy's  most popular rock singer,  Vasco 
Rossi, says in a new book that he'll give 
up  his singing career before he  becomes 

Italian News - November 16

Veltroni is the voice of a character in the 
Italian version of Disney's latest animated 
movie, Chicken Little.  Appropriately,  his 
role is that of the mayor of the town.  

Italian Science - November 16

Italian and American researchers have 
made  a  stem-cell  breakthrough that 
could have huge implications for  the 
treatment of heart conditions. 

Italian News - November 15

Four people were arrested on Monday for 
stealing coins from the Trevi Fountain, 
the famous Roman landmark they had been 
hired to clean. 

Italian News - November 15

Two animal-loving businessmen from Milan 
plan  to  open  Europe's biggest  animal 
cemetery early next year, providing what 
they say is a vital service. 

Italian Sport - November 15

Italian skipper Giovanni Soldini's hopes of 
finally winning a major race with his state 
of the art trimaran vanished on Monday when 
it capsized off the African coast. 

Italian News - November 14

The pope greeted a group of African desert 
nomads in St Peter's Basilica on Sunday as 
he recalled the "universal brotherhood" of 
all the peoples of the world. 

Italian Television - November 14

The two-part film on Premier Silvio Berlusconi's 
flagship  Canale 5  channel  stars  top  Italian 
actors Sergio Rubini and Ennio Fantastichini  as 
the two Italian anarchists Sacco and Vanzetti. 

Italian News - November 14

Opera lovers in Italy  this season may see 
something different about  the performers: 
many of them are looking distinctly svelte
after going on hunger strike. 

Italian News - November 12

The former schoolteacher from Rome brought a tear 
to the nation’s eye when he put a small ad in the 
newspaper,  explaining  that he was  alone in the 
world and looking for a family.

Italian News - November 12

Tonight, at a Medici residence in Tuscany 
which  once hosted  Michelangelo,  prized 
white truffles will be offered to bidders 
from all over  the world. 

Italian Art - November 11

More than 200 bodies at the museum, in a major 
exhibit on mythology and erotica, ranging from 
chastely smooching  cupids,  to hermaphrodites 
and Olympian rape scenes.

Italian News - November 11

The bearer of the Coca-Cola Olympic  torch 
is  facing a  series of  “no through road” 
signs,  and a  clash of  opinions.  Two of 
Rome’s municipalities have refused access.

Italian News / Movies - November 10

World previews of works by some of today's 
best horror  directors are among the  star 
events  at the Turin Film Festival,  which 
opens tomorrow.

Italian History - November 10

The  belief  that  Michelangelo  designed 
the uniform of the Swiss Guard is a myth, 
according to the first insider's  history 
of the colorful and secretive corps.

Italian Gossip - November 9

Italian pop sensation Eros Ramazzotti  and 
his TV star ex-wife Michelle Hunziker have 
punctured  hopes  that  their  fairy  tale 
romance is back on.

Italian Television - November 9

Italy's top television personality started 
a civil war at Premier Silvio Berlusconi's 
TV network with an extraordinary  outburst 
on its flagship soccer show.

Italian News - November 9

The Holy See's official broadcaster,  Vatican 
Radio,  is "podcasting"  audio content to any 
of the world's one billion plus Catholics who 
own a portable MP3 player.

Italian News - November 7

Italy's Fiat and America's Ford Motor Company 
have signed an agreement to develop  a common 
platform  which  will  allow each  company to 
produce a new city car model.

Italian Science - November 7

Asthma  experts  from  Rome's Universita' 
Cattolica  and  CNR  worked  with  a team 
from Miami University to gauge NGF levels 
in newborn children.

Italian News - November 6

The Capracottesi Nel Mondo Committee  goal 
is to raise $75,000 to build and erect the 
statue in Capracotta. the committee  hopes 
to complete the project next year.

Italian News - November 6

Italian  designer  Roberto Cavalli  has given 
supermodel  Kate Moss  her  first job  on her 
comeback after a cocaine scandal as the image 
for his 2006 Spring-Summer collection. 

Italian Art - November 6

A major new show opening in Rome this  weekend 
explores  a  turn  of the  century  vision  of 
Paris, through the eyes of a renowned Venetian 

Italian News - November 5

A Vatican cardinal  said the faithful should 
listen to what secular modern science has to 
offer:  religion turns into "fundamentalism" 
if it ignores scientific reason. 

Italian News - November 5

A sixth person connected to the discovery 
of the 5,300-year-old frozen corpse  of a 
man who became known as  Oetzi the Iceman 
has died.

Italian News - November 4

The Catholic weekly Famiglia Cristiana is 
being looked at in a new light this week, 
after it published its first ever picture 
of a naked female bottom. 

Italian News - November 4

Italians are  healthier than ever,  smoking 
less and shunning  fast food in  favour  of 
traditional balanced lunches, but they also 
feel much poorer.

Italian News - November 3

A Genoese society lady  has  been  arrested 
for plundering some of the city's swankiest 
jewellers' shops by hiding the booty in her 

Italian Science - November 3

An extensive study by Turin  University's 
Animal Biology Department has shown  that 
spiders could be a strong marketing point 
for Italian vintners.

Italian News - November 2

A woman in her 80s attempted to rob  a 
bank  in Genoa yesterday  after  being 
refused a loan of €2,000 to "help make 
ends meet". 

Italian News - November 2

A group of international scientists are in 
Rome this week  comparing notes on  robots 
capable of rescuing people from fires  and 
other disasters.

Italian News - November 2

Two  teenagers were hospitalized in  serious 
condition after a man allegedly opened  fire 
on them as they went door-to-door to collect 
candy on Halloween night. 

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