The Italian Almanac


Italian News - November 17

The sweet tooth of two Romanian thieves proved their undoing after police nabbed them by following the paper trail of candy wrappers they left behind them.

The thieves broke into a nursery school here just after midnight Wednesday with the intent of stealing its computers, TVs and VCR machines. While they were at it they also broke into a candy vending machine and immediately began to gorge on the sweets, leaving the candy wrappers on the ground as they went ahead with their heist.

Police were alerted that there had been an intrusion at the school and when they arrived they discovered a paper wrapper trail leading away from the nursery. The trail led to a nearby park where police found David Sebastina Ilovan, 28, and Adrian Dimitric, 34, sitting on a bench still munching on the sweets, the loot gathered on the ground at their feet. Investigators believe they must have been waiting for an accomplice to help them take away the stolen goods.