The Italian Almanac

Silvio Berlusconi

Italian News - May 19

After beating baldness with a hair transplant and rubbing out wrinkles with a face lift, Italy's image-conscious Prime Minister Silvio Berlusconi is going on a diet. "Starting now, I'll be on a diet for the next month," Berlusconi told reporters on Wednesday. "I want to lose 5 kilos."

The 68-year-old media tycoon is proud of his relatively youthful appearance and even boasted last year that he felt more than a quarter of a century younger than his age thanks to cosmetic surgery. Since taking office in 2001, at least one drastic diet has wiped kilos off his waistline. Then there was a successful face lift and a transplant that returned dark hair to his balding head.

"It is a way of showing respect to those who expect you to represent them on an international and national stage," he told reporters.