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Italian News - May 11

Retired factory worker Salvatore Zedda, 58, makes for an unlikely pop star. However unlikely, his "song," a sampling of calls he made to the help desk of an Internet provider made without his consent, has become an underground hit in Italy.

It all started when Zedda phoned Tiscali's help desk for problems with his email account. Gruff, with a slight stutter and a strong regional accent, the customer made help desk gurus titter with his mangled English. Zedda, who hails from the small town of Ortacesus on the isle of Sardinia, demanded the "passa-worrrld" (password) to his i-mayyl (email) account, threatening to change providers if they didn't help him.

It never pays to be rude to the help desk: they recorded the calls including his full name and town and the file spread like wildfire, finding its way to P2P networks. From there it was a short leap to the dogshift techno remix, where samples of "passa-worrrld-passa-worrrld" run over a thumping club beat.