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Italian News - May 9

In a final ruling, a Milan court failed to bring anyone to justice in a 1969 terrorist bombing that killed 17 people and set off a decade of bloodshed, while in southern Italy a convicted killer released to a work program after 30 years of incarceration was arrested in connection with two more crimes, the killing of a woman and her 14-year-old daughter last month.

The frustrating and grim events have led Italy to examine whether its criminal justice system, in which trials can take decades and even the worst criminals are granted home leave, needs toughening. But Wednesday, Justice Minister Roberto Castelli said in Parliament he had no intention of changing the country's judicial code based on the angry and emotional wave of one week.

Nevertheless, Italians generally contend that Italy's cumbersome judicial system is in dire need of reform, and many critics say that it is too politicized, often turning rulings into topics for debate rather than binding decisions.