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well, maybe she is not a saint, but ...

Italian News - May 5

The death toll for Italy's sexy pinup calendars has sounded: even truck drivers are sick of them.

Marketing experts are worried: these nearly-nude calendars are a 10 million USD a year industry in Italy and magazines that feature them as an extra often sell astronomical quantities with the right starlet or TV host bearing all. So worried, in fact, that they commissioned a poll of 1,000 truck drivers about calendar preferences. The sordid truth? Pulchritude is out, sanctity is in.

"The vulgarity represented by nude porn stars is beautiful, up to a certain point," said Vincenzo Iuzzolino, president of a national truck driver's association. "But it's not in vogue as much as it was a few years ago. Images of Padre Pio are very common, especially among the bulk of devout drivers from the South."

An unscientific poll of newsstands in central Milan, where calendars of both stripes crowded for attention, showed the race may be long. "It's not over yet, the rush to buy calendars hasn't happened so far," newsstand owner Rosina Casari said. "Last year, though, we sold more calendars of animals and angels than ones with models, it looks like the reign of the girly calendars is finally over."