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leaning tower

Italian News - March 29

The city of Pisa is set to get another leaning tower.

More than 600 years after this city's most famous monument went up, officials here have approved construction of a modern office building about three miles southeast of the original that will simulate a tilt with a trick of lighting.

Construction of the steel building -- designed by architect Dante Oscar Benini -- is scheduled to begin at the end of the summer and last four years, according to the newspaper. It also will house apartments and shops and is expected to cost $64.8 million.

Already, some in this Tuscan city are denouncing the project as a scandal. ''Towers of steel and glass 190 feet high serve only to deface the view,'' said Fabio Roggiolani, a Green Party representative in the regional council.

But the city's urban planner, Giuseppe Sardu, said the second tower will attract tourists. "The project is an example of beauty and functionality. The new tower and square will be a monument to visit."