The Italian Almanac


Italian News - March 12

An Italian metal worker was in prison last night facing charges of attempted murder after trying to shoot his wife with a rifle he fashioned from an invalid's crutch.

The 12mm calibre weapon appeared to have been inspired by the film version of Frederick Forsyth's novel, Day of the Jackal, in which an assassin sets out to kill Charles de Gaulle using a weapon assembled from the parts of a crutch.

Silvano Angelini, 57, a lathe operator, shot and wounded his wife as she arrived for a court hearing in Siena on Thursday. He had arrived earlier on sticks, pretending to be handicapped. A witness said Mr Angelini hobbled towards his wife with a smile and lifted one of the crutches.

Denise Angelini, a 36-year-old Romanian languages graduate, who is separated from Mr Angelini, fell to the ground wounded. A lawyer waiting outside the courthouse, Stefano Marini, said: "She was desperate. Her face was covered with blood, but her husband was standing over her."

Two carabinieri, who arrived on the scene by chance, disarmed Mr Angelini. They discovered that his other stick also had a bored barrel and a trigger mechanism. It was loaded and ready to be fired.