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Nile river

Italian News - March 11

Uganda and nine other countries within the Nile River Basin will benefit from better access to information on the availability, use and development potential of the Nile River resources. A statement recently released by the UN food agency (FAO), said this is under a new project aimed at improving water resource management in the region.

The US$5 million project, funded by the Italian government, will be implemented by participating country governments with assistance from FAO under the umbrella of the Nile Basin Initiative.

The project is meant to support basin-wide initiatives to integrate technical water resource and water use data with demographic, socio-economic and environmental information to examine how specific policies and projected water use patterns would affect water resources in the Nile riparian countries.

According to the FAO statement, the project will develop surveys and case studies that shed light on the links between water management practices and rural livelihood and food insecurity. "Within this context, a basin-wide survey will be conducted to assess current and potential water use," it said.