The Italian Almanac

Sophia Loren

Italian News - June 23

Sophia Loren, a film legend at the age of 70, returned for the first time in 22 years to the town of Pozzuoli where she grew up to receive honorary citizenship, the keys to the city and a special award. The screen siren started life as an illegitimate child in this poor town on the bay near Naples.

She took a tour around the town, stopping before a pink building where she said she ate her first bowl of porridge at the end of World War II after months of difficulties. The actress, wearing a simple white suit and sunglasses, was accompanied by her sister and was due to meet some of former school friends.

"Inside of me, I maintain all of the sensations of the sea, the sun and the music and the sweet dialect," said Loren, breaking into tears. Loren, a symbol of Italy's post-war boom and film successes with the likes of Federico Fellini, won an Oscar for best actress in Vittorio De Sica's neo-realistic classic "Two Women" in 1962.