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Italian Music - June 22

Unlike in the UK, where Live 8 has received extensive publicity, it has been barely mentioned by the Italian media. Popular Italian singer Vasco Rossi pulled out of Rome's Circus Maximus concert, saying it clashed with a gig he was due to play in Ancona, on the other side of the Italian peninsula.

"Vasco is a great star, a really great, great artist, and I think he should be on that stage," Geldof told a news conference in Rome. "Where's Vasco? Vasco where are you? We want Vasco. We need Vasco," he added.

Singer Lorenzo Jovanotti, another household name in Italian pop, said he would not agree to play Live 8 until he received more information about the Rome concert. Geldof said he would speak to Jovanotti personally. US stars Faith Hill and Tim McGraw and Italian singer Zucchero were among acts confirmed for the Rome concert so far.