The Italian Almanac

June 2005

Italian News - June 30

City employees in  Rome are taking seminars to 
give them a  better understanding of gays  and 
the gay community.  Participants  are  workers 
from the office for relations with the public.

Italian Sport - June 30

The AC Milan Junior Camps take place from 
July 11-16  and July 18-23 and  give kids 
aged  five to 15 the opportunity to  show 
off their football skills.

Italian News - June 29

Police in  Rome have a  new weapon  in 
their quest to tame reckless  drivers: 
a device to fine people who ignore the 
double lines that prohibit overtaking.

Italian Sport - June 29

Former  Chelsea and Italy  striker 
Gianfranco Zola has quit the game, 
a week before his 39th birthday.

Italian News - June 28

Billed as a scent makeover for Genoa's narrow 
medieval streets, called "caruggi", the local 
trash  company has  decided to spruce up  the 
city for summer visitors.

Italian News - June 28

Firth  has  been made  a Commander of the 
Order of  the Star of Italian Solidarity, 
a  title originally created to  recognise 
those who helped rebuild post-war Italy.

Italian Fashion - June 28

Dumping last summer's sequined shirts,  pink 
pants and pretty floral patterns,  designers 
pumped next year's spring-summer collections 
full of testosterone.

Italian News - June 27

Italy is suffering a heatwave, with 
many cities warning frail people to 
stay  at home and low river  levels 
putting crops at risk.

Italian News - June 25

The  Pope  won't be  coming  to 
Scotland's  Live8  gig,   after 
sending Bob Geldof a photograph 
in reply to his invitation.

Italian News - June 25

An Italian judge has ordered the  arrest 
of a  group of CIA agents who  kidnapped 
a radical Egyptian imam from the streets 
of Milan.

Italian News - June 24

Horses drawing  Rome's traditional carriages 
will be required to wear a pair of "nappies" 
from next week in a bid  to keep the  city's 
streets clean.

Italian Art / History - June 24

Recent  research conducted by  Italian 
art   historian  Maurizio  Bernardelli 
Curuz suggests that Raphael Sanzio may 
have followed his heart.

Italian News - June 24

Rome is celebrating the restoration of one of 
its  former  glories:  the gardens created by 
Ferdinand de Medici in the 16th century, with 
a miniature Mount Parnassus.

Italian News - June 23

Sophia Loren, a film legend at the age of 
70,  returned  for  the first time i n 22 
years to the town of  Pozzuoli where  she 
grew up.

Italian News - June 23

Politicians  of all  colors in the  southern region 
of  Apulia have demanded that Rome revoke a  decree 
authorizing the construction of a liquefied natural 
gas (LNG) terminal in Brindisi. 

Italian News - June 23

Italian Prime Minister Silvio Berlusconi 
officially inaugurated the European Food 
Safety Authority (EFSA) in Parma, Italy, 
on June 21.

Italian News - June 22

Italian men are nowhere near as macho and 
domineering as some old stereotypes might 
suggest, according to a new study at  the 
University of Missouri.  

Italian Music - June 22

Popular Italian singer  Vasco Rossi 
pulled out of Rome's Live8 concert, 
saying it clashed with a gig he was 
due to play in Ancona.

Italian Art - June 22

A world-class  archaeological  exhibition opened 
this  week  in Calabria.  Its  subject is  Magna 
Graecia,  the  name  given  to  southern   Italy 
colonized by the ancient Greeks 2,500 years ago.  

Italian News - June 21

Event  organizer  Fiera di Genova has 
confirmed that the Technofolies trade 
show  will  be  staged Oct. 27-29  at 
Palasport (Dome) in Genoa. 

Italian Science - June 21

Contrary to popular myths of gloom and  imminent 
doom  resulting from an  eruption similar to the 
one that buried Pompeii, Vesuvius isn't going to 
spontaneously blow.  

Italian News - June 20

Francesco  Totti,  captain  of the  AS Roma 
soccer team,  married  television  showgirl 
Ilary Blasi  on  Sunday in a  ceremony that 
drew hundreds of fans to a downtown church. 

Italian Art - June 20

In 1505,  Leonardo da Vinci began a vast work,
The Battle  of Anghiari,  on  a  wall  in  the 
Palazzo Vecchio in Florence: a whirl of horses 
and soldiers in battle.  

Italian News - June 17

A widowed Italian pensioner offered  his 
services as a grandfather, was “adopted” 
by an Italian family and declared he had 
“found his new home”.

Italian News - June 17

Researchers  in  Italy  say a common 
stomach infection that causes ulcers 
may also be  linked to an  irregular 
heart rhythm.   

Italian News - June 16

Italians  worried  about their image  are 
taking out insurance against going  bald. 
The policy is open to anyone aged between 
15 and 70, of either sex.

Italian News / Music - June 16

Carlo Maria Giulini, the 20th century giant 
of  conducting  who  considered  himself  a 
reverential servant of the great composers, 
has died at age 91.   

Italian Movies - June 16

Unseen footage from Federico Fellini's  last 
film will be shown  at the Procida  Festival 
this weekend. Two hours of material has been 
boiled down into a half-hour film.

Italian News - June 15

Researchers suspect the corpse of a 5,000 
year-old mummy frozen in the Italian Alps 
might have been contaminated by  bacteria 
since its discovery in 1991.   

Italian News - June 15

A Eurofighter Typhoon aircraft will feature 
at Paris Le Bourget Air Show  with  partner 
Alenia,  in combination with the airmanship 
of Italian Air Force pilots.

Italian News - June 14

Blood  tests will be mandatory in  Italy's 
top  two soccer  divisions next season  in 
an effort  to detect illegal  transfusions 
and the performance-enhancing hormone EPO.   

Italian News - June 14

The group,  led by Alessandro Profumo, 
becomes the fourth-biggest bank in the 
eurozone. Until now, none of its banks 
has figured in Europe's top 20.

Italian News / Movies - June 14

Fernando  Ghia,  a  prominent  Italian  film 
producer known for his tenacity in  bringing 
the award-winning drama "The Mission" to the 
screen, has died at 69.   

Italian News - June 13

A bar of soap  believed to be made  from 
fat  pumped from  Italian Prime Minister 
Silvio Berlusconi has gone on display in 
Basel, Switzerland.

Italian News - June 13

One-third of all  Italian of both  sexes 
indicated pasta as the main pleasure  in 
life, nearly half of them would never go 
without it.   

Italian News - June 11

Italians in St. Petersburg will be able to 
celebrate  Catholic masses in the language 
of  Dante every Sunday  this summer  in St. 
Catherine's Church at Nevsky Prospekt.

Italian Art - June 11

Women  have organised the  Venice Biennale  for 
the first time in the event's 110-year history, 
putting  a  feminine spin on one of the world's 
foremost contemporary art shows.   

Italian News - June 11

The age  at which  a substantial proportion 
of  Italian  youngsters  make  their  first 
contact  with drugs  is getting lower.  Now 
children may discover hashish at age 13-15.

Italian News - June 10

Two experimental satellites are being developed 
for  the Galileo System Test Bed  -  Version 2, 
which will make up  the first phase of the  'in 
orbit validation' of the system.   

Italian News - June 10

Diego Maradona returned to Naples,  his 
first visit to the  Italian city  since 
leaving under a cloud of controversy 14 
years ago. 

Italian News - June 10

An Italian prosecutor asked  a military judge
to  sentence 10 former members of the Nazi SS 
to life  in prison for their alleged role  in 
a 1944 massacre in northern Italy.   

Italian News - June 9

Italian footwear makers are demanding 
quotas on Chinese imports or at least 
levy import duties on the millions of 
shoes flooding the continent. 

Italian Art - June 9

The  city that sits dripping in  Renaissance 
decadence like some old dowager in ancestral 
jewels   plays  host  to  the  world’s  most 
flamboyant contemporary arts fair.   

Italian Science - June 9

If you have ever had  trouble  putting 
a name to a face or blanked out during 
a job interview, you've been a  victim 
of memory lapse from lack of context.

Italian News - June 8

The Italian government has introduced  new 
measures  aimed  at  defeating  persistent 
hooligan violence in the nation's football 

Italian News - June 8

A  Sicilian  court  condemned road 
authorities  Monday for suspending 
the driving license of a man after 
finding out he was gay.

Italian News - June 8

Italian military giant Finmeccanica could be 
weeks away from grabbing  a greater slice of 
Britain's defence market via the acquisition 
of up to 30% of group Thales.   

Italian Language - June 6

Modern Italian  has  lost some 40% 
of words commonly used in Medieval 
times,  according  to  a  study by 
national research council CNR.     

Italian Culture - June 6

Age, memory and nostalgia are the central 
themes  of  "Queen Loana",  Umberto Eco's 
fifth novel,  just  published in  English 

Italian Music - June 5

Mezzo soprano  Cecilia Bartoli is  lighting 
up the stage of the Royal Opera House these 
days. The occasion is the first  production 
on that stage of "Il Turco in Italia".     

Italian News - June 4

In one corner  the Pope,  in the other a 
pair of  stunning Italian actresses.  At 
stake is the highly contentious issue of 
restrictions on fertility treatment.   

Italian Sport - June 4

Italy's Alessandro Tadini, who missed 10 
of 15 cuts this year, shot a 7-under-par 
62 Friday for a two-shot lead over David 
Lynn at the Wales Open.     

Italian News - June 3

An Italian couple has been ordered to have 
sex  only in the  daytime after the  man's 
wails of  ecstasy provoked complaints from 

Italian News - June 3

Italy  is  interested in  attracting Saudi 
students  to  its  universities.   Italian 
Ambassador to the Kingdom Armando Sanguini 

Italian Fashion - June 3

The three big hitters of  Italian fashion - 
Armani,  Versace  and  Valentino  -  showed 
collections created for the televised event 
held in Rome's Piazza Navona.   

Italian News - June 2

An  Italian judge  has found a  teenage boy 
guilty  of  vandalism  and  disturbing  the 
peace, but instead of jail time, he ordered 
the 220-pound "bully" to slim down.     

Italian News - June 2

Former Italian world champion Mario Cipollini 
has been questioned by police in  Florence as 
part of an investigation concerning six-times 
Tour de France winner Lance Armstrong.   

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