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Italian News - July 30

An estimated ten million cars will pack Italy's motorways this weekend as some 16 million Italians begin their traditional August vacation. In order to ease the flow of traffic, trucks are banned from using the motorways from Friday afternoon until midnight and all day Saturday and Sunday from 7am to midnight.

Roadwork will also be suspended during the weekend on the major motorways. The highway authority has advised travellers to make use of traffic information available on the media, the web and the authority's new number (840.042121), and to time departures for the hours of less traffic and heat. They also suggested bringing ample water supplies with them in the event they get caught in a traffic jam.

The greatest exodus of city residents comes from Rome, followed respectively by Milan, Turin, Genoa and Bologna. Around 65% of Italians going to or returning from their holidays will travel by car, 25% by train and 10% by air.