The Italian Almanac

Alberto Lattuada

Italian News - July 5

Italian film director Alberto Lattuada, whose work spanned four decades, has died at the age of 90.

Lattuada's neo-realist films explored racism, unemployment and strikes following World War II. Among his more controversial movies were Dolci Inganni (Sweet Deceits) in 1960 and Cosi Come Sei (Stay as You Are) in 1978. Also among his best known works was La Spiaggia, which explored the hypocrisy of Italian high society.

Stars of his movies included Alberto Sordi and Giulietta Masina, the wife of fellow director Federico Fellini.

Lattuada, who originally trained as an architect, worked into the early 1980s, writing and directing for television. His series about the life of Christopher Columbus was shown to US audiences and received high praise.

He was also a photographer and founded Italy's first film archive.