The Italian Almanac

love ice-cream

Italian News - July 24

Italian ice-cream makers have come up with a new aphrodisiac-laced product. The 'love ice-cream' contains a spicy mixture of African herbs which have traditionally been used to boost sexual prowess.

Italian Ice-Cream Academy President Franco De Benedetto claims the sex-enhancing ice-cream is the fruit of "research of particular scientific importance." The academy is also working on a range of chocolate-based products aimed at "heightening romantic feelings," he says.

Italian ice-cream makers are constantly widening their range with products aimed at tickling jaded taste buds. Last summer saw the appearance of flavours like Barolo wine and Gorgonzola cheese as Italy's gelatai served up gelato with a soupcon of famed local products.

The new tastes include balsamic vinegar, parmesan and pecorino cheese, Lambrusco, Soave and Vinsanto wine, San Marzano tomato, artichoke, bresaola, speck, saffron and bergamot.