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light wine

Italian News - July 18

A study carried out for next October's Turin Wine Show found that wine as an aperitif is gaining constant ground, with a marked preference for sparkling wine and whites with a strong personality, many made from indigenous vines. These wines are particularly popular at Happy Hour in the age group between 30 and 35, the report said, and many wine bars have reported an upsurge in sales by the glass of wines costing more than of 15 euro a bottle, while bottle sales have slipped.

Sector observers see this as as part of a trend in which wine is no longer considered part of a meal but has become an element in the ritual of social communication, especially during that period between the end of work and dinner.

According to the food and farm market services company Ismea, white wine is growing in popularity for two basic reasons: it is easy to drink and is slightly cheaper. This has made white wine a favorite among the under-30 crowd, Ismea added, the preferred target group for the producers of the so-called pop drinks, spirits like vodka and run mixed with fruit juices or flavored tonics.