The Italian Almanac

fat belly?

Italian News - January 20th

Now that cigarettes are out of the way, the Ministry of Health has declared war on expanding waistlines. In his tireless efforts to bring a little discipline into Italians' health, Minister Girolamo Sirchia is believed to be preparing a new crusade against the superfluous flab that can lead to diabetes and threatens our arteries.

Following half-portions in canteens and restaurants, which happily were only announced, we could soon be receiving a belt that measures our girth and tells us whether we are over the safety limit, which is 102 centimeters for men and 88 centimeters for women. The lifesaving belt is supposed to prompt the user to take remedial action before the effects of excess weight and obesity appear.

Mr Sirchia is thinking of distributing the belt to citizens to encourage do-it-yourself girth measurement. If a man's waist is more than 102 centimeters, or a woman's more than 88, there is no time to lose. The circumferential enhanced should go on a diet, after consulting a nutritionist.