The Italian Almanac

January 2005


Italian News - January 31

Italian  diplomats  could  not  believe 
their  ears  when  a  UN  committee  on 
women's rights accused their government 
of discrimination

Italian News - January 31

A tiny Umbrian village is taking on the 
mighty Metropolitan Museum in New York, 
claiming  that an Etruscan  chariot was 
illegally exported 100 years ago.

Italian News - January31

The Italian  Army was called  in on Sunday 
to reach snowbound villages in the central 
region  of   Ancona.  Other   units   were 
mobilized in Apulia and in Sicily

Italian News - January 28

Museum curators yesterday announced plans 
to take  Leonardo da Vinci’s masterpiece, 
the  Mona Lisa, to Italy to celebrate the 
painting’s 500th anniversary.

Italian Movies - January 28

There'll be a tribute  to the actor  and 
director Sergio Castellitto from January 
28 to February  7 at the  Lincoln Center 
in New York.

Italian Sport - January 28

An  Italian  pair won  the 2005 UAE 
International  Offshore   Powerboat 
Championship in Abu Dhabi yesterday 
after a close competition.

Italian News - January 27

Italy  faces  a  national  emergency  as  
over  development  causes  its   beaches  
to shrink at  an  alarming  rate, posing  
a threat to nature and to holiday trade. 

Italian Sport - January 27

The country where  football reigns supreme 
does have a cricket team, and the national 
side  is   competing  in   an eight-nation 
tournament in Malaysia next month.

Italian News - January 27

Chico  Scimone, a 94-year-old  Italian 
musician, will  be among the more than 
150 athletes taking part in the annual 
Fleet Empire State Building Run-up.

Italian Nominations - January 26

There are two Italians  among the Oscar 
nominations for the 77th edition of the 
Academy Awards: they are Dante Ferretti 
and Francesca Lo Schiavo.

Italian News - January 26

Italy's last surviving veteran of the first 
world war, Carlo Orelli, has died aged 110. 
Mr. Orelli enrolled in the Italian infantry 
when he was 21.

Italian News - Janual 25

Rome has declared war  on illegal tour guides. 
The city's  1,200 authorized guides are fed up 
with the outlaws, who take a sizable chunk out 
of the tourism industry.

Italian News - January 25

Some Italian doctors are telling people, 
particularly  the  young,  that  furious 
typing on  mobile  phones  could lead to 
acute tendonitis.

Italian News - January 24

For  the second week  in the row, Oliver 
Stones  "Alexander" with  Colin Farrell, 
is in the number one slot in the Cinetel 

Italian Sport - January 24

This  year’s  "Giro  d’Italia" 
will  act  as   a  promotional 
launch pad for the 2006 Winter 

Italian News - January 22

Prime Minister Silvio Berlusconi will 
write to 16 million households across 
Italy  asking  them  to  cut  down on 
medicines they do not need.

Italian Music - January 22

"Pinocchio"  is not just  the worldwide 
known   tale  written  by  Collodi  and 
animated by Disney, it's also a musical 
staged by "Compagnia della Rancia".

Italian News - January 21

The Irish  priest who disrupted  the 
Olympic marathon in Athens last year 
has been officially defrocked by the 

Italian Movies - January 21

Location  scouting is  currently underway 
in  Puglia for  Pupi Avati.  The  Italian 
director will be starting shooting on his 
new film "La seconda notte di nozze".

Italian News - January 20

In his tireless efforts to bring a 
little  discipline  into Italians' 
health, Minister Girolamo  Sirchia 
is preparing a new crusade.

Italian News - January 20

Italy is  taking  action against 
pigeons whose  acidic  droppings 
are damaging ancient Roman ruins 
in Ercolano. 

Italian News - January 20

Pinching a  woman's behind  as she walked down 
Italian streets went out of style decades ago. 
Now Italy's  top criminal court has ruled that 
a fleeting pat on the backside deserves jail.

Italian News - January 19

Wolves are  back at Rome's  gates more  than 
2,000 years after the animal became a symbol 
of the capital, the discovery of a dead wolf
is reviving environmentalists' hopes.

Italian News / Art - January 19

Using video cameras, a team  of researchers has 
unveiled a mosaic, in almost perfect condition, 
showing  a team  of  naked  men at the  time of 
Emperor Nero, trampling the grape harvest.

Italian News - January 18

Italian researchers announced that they 
have discovered properties in a Chinese 
variety of sage that could be effective 
in treating alcoholism.

Italian Sport / Television - January 18

Diego  Maradona Jr, the Italian  son of 
Argentine football legend Diego Armando 
Maradona, played  a good  debut game on  

Italian News - January 17

People in  Rome, Milan and  other Italian 
cities  yesterday  got a round  on public 
transport, bicycles and even on horseback 
as cars were banned to reduce pollution.

Italian News - January 17

Weeks before Nazi troops a bandoned Rome, Adolf 
Hitler personally  ordered the SS to kidnap the 
Pope so he could be brought back to Germany and 
locked up in a castle

Italian Fashion - January 17

Yesterday  evening's show  opened a new 
chapter for Versace menswear. The house 
is  showing a much  more sober  side to 
its character.

Italian News January 15

A woman who pretended to be a ghost 
and "haunted" an  Alpine castle was 
sentenced to four months  in prison 
by an Italian court.

Italian News January 15

Italy is to formally hand  over to Peru 
a millennium-old  artefact recovered by 
specialist art police here after it had 
been stolen in southern Peru.

Italian Movies - January 14

Italy's erotic best-selling novel 
based  on the  diary  of a  young 
Sicilian woman, is to be  brought 
to the silver screen.

Italian News - January 14

Italy's  most popular cartoonist, 
Giorgio Forattini, is looking for 
a job after being controversially 
dropped by newspaper "La Stampa".

Italian News - January 14

Italy's aristocracy is mourning the 
death of  Dado Ruspoli, the playboy 
prince and wayward  Renaissance Man 
of its post-war Dolce Vita era.

Italian News - January 12

Leonardo Da Vinci  designed  some of 
the  world's greatest  inventions. A 
new exhibition has put his foresight 
on display.

Italian News . January 12

Up to 36 per cent of men say that  they 
endure  grief and  suffering at the end 
of an affair, compared with only 21 per 
cent of women.

Italian News - January 10

Smokers took  their last puffs in  
smoky bars  Sunday, hours  before  
the start  of  Europe's  toughest 
laws against smoking.

Italian Television - January 10

Mediaset has big plans  for the start 
of 2005 as far as drama is concerned. 
Canale  5  will be  starting off  the 
season with a winning team.

Italian News - January 8

The  Vatican  will loan  the work of 
Moses Maimonides,  one  of Judaism's 
most celebrated rabbis and sages, to 
Israel this year 

Italian News - January 8

Fiat  ended 2004  on  a glum  note, with its  share 
of a flat Italian car market slipping to a historic 
low even  after it  launched  new  models  to  turn 
around a slump in sales.

Italian Television - January 7

The actor  Lando Buzzanca  is back on 
television in the new  two part drama 
"Mio figlio" (My Son), being shown on 
January 9 and 10 on RAI Uno 

Italian News - January 7

Synthetic  snakes will unblock pipes and 
artificial  ants will clean windows. The 
project by four Italian universities was 
inspired by Leonardo Da Vinci.

Italian News - January 5

Italian museum  specialists  might install a 
stream of gushing air  around Michelangelo's 
David to protect the Renaissance masterpiece 
from dust tracked in by tourists.

Italian News - January 4

A long-running  cultural  and  diplomatic 
wrangle  looks  likely  to   be  resolved 
within months, with the return of a 1,700 
year-old obelisk.

Italian News January 4

Police in the city of Potenza announced
that  they smashed the  gang of thieves 
dubbed  "la  banda  del Brunello"  (the 
Brunello Gang).

Italian Sport - January 3

Ethiopia’s  Berhane Adere won 
the  30th   edition  of   the 
traditional Silvesterlauf 5km 
road race in Bolzano.

Italian News - January 1

In the year 2004, the Italian stock
exchange   index  rose  by   18.1%, 
performing  better  than any  other 
European market.