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Italian Television - January 10th

Mediaset has big plans for the start of 2005 as far as drama is concerned. Canale 5 will be starting off the season with a winning team, Pietro Valsecchi's Taodue company, back on Mediaset with "RIS. Delitti imperfetti" (RIS. Imperfect Crimes). This 12 part series follows on from the success of the American series C.S.I., and this new Italian production looks at the scientific department of the Carabinieri (known as RIS). The stars include Lorenzo Flaherty, Nicole Grimaudo, Filippo Nigro and Stefano Pesce.

The new drama season for 2005 from RAI has many new titles and series on offer. The second channel will be screening the eagerly awaited 6 part series about the financial police, starring Giuliano Gemma and Alessandro Preziosi, called "Il capitano" (The Captain). In the spring, RAI 1 will be showing the two part mini series "Il grande Torino" (The Great Turin) with Beppe Fiorello playing the role of Valentino Mazzola. It is directed by Claudio Bonivento and is the story of the Turin football team, it's successes and the terrible days of the disaster when the team were killed in a plane crash. The cast also stars Michele Placido, Remo Girone and Fabio Poggiali.