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the Nastro d'Argento Award

Italian News / Movies - February 5

The Silver Ribbons award ceremony in Rome last night was a somewhat tense affair, with gaffes, delays and problems that at times overshadowed the prize winners themselves, with a lot of involuntary humour from the ceremony's main presenter, Sabina Impacciatore. The actress who has worked with Scola, was visibly moved and often strayed away from the programme after she dropped her script, changing the order of the prizes, while apologising for the mix up.

Luigi Abete, the president of the BNL bank, which sponsored the ceremony, made a crack about the evening's proceedings: "Next year, instead of giving some money, we'll put in the organisation". Gianni Amelio, who won the Silver Ribbon for the director of the Best Film, was a little more kind-hearted in his assessment: "Monicelli could make a marvelous film out of this evening, hopefully written by Verdone and I".

Even so, there were some emotional moments during the night: with an opening tribute to Goffredo Lombardo, the special prize for Mario Monicelli, the ribbons for Malcolm McDowell and Pedro Almodovar. The funniest moments included the video sent by the group Banda Osiris (Best Soundtrack): the quartet weren't able to make it to the ceremony itself, but they recorded a Neapolitan song for their acceptance speech, sung in their own inimitable style. It fitted in perfectly with an awards ceremony that was rather surreal to say the least.