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gay pride

Italian News - February 6

Mohamed (not his real name) wants to remain anonymous. In fact he would prefer to stay completely out of sight, if he could. He is gay, and if he were still living in Senegal, he would be risking one to five years in prison if anyone found out.

A unique sentence, which will now constitute an important precedent, has quashed Mohamed’s expulsion from Italy, precisely because he is gay. His homosexuality was put forward as grounds for the appeal drafted by lawyer Maurizio Cossa to obtain revocation of the order issued by the Turin police chief, in compliance with the Bossi-Fini law.

Mr Cossa invoked article 17 of the consolidation act on immigration, which indicates various cases in which expulsion is ruled out, calling attention to the first point.“No expulsion or return may be ordered to a country where a non-Italian could be the victim of persecution by reason of his or her race, sex, language, citizenship, political opinion, or personal or social condition, nor can expulsion or return be ordered to a country in which that person is not protected from persecution”.