The Italian Almanac

Alenia G222

Italian News - February 8

Alenia Aeronautica of Rome will decide by June whether to build a new Army cargo jet at a site near Charleston’s airport or elsewhere, assuming the company wins the military contract. The plant would employ at least 250 people, but only if the Army picks Alenia and orders enough jets to justify a new plant outside Italy, company officials said.

For now, significant new jobs are riding on another jet: the C-27J Spartan cargo plane built by Alenia and Lockheed Martin. The Army will take proposals this spring from Alenia-Lockheed and rival European Aeronautic Defense and Space Co., which owns Airbus and is offering the C-295. Those proposals must include a plan stating where the planes will be built, said Giuseppe Giordo, the Alenia executive in charge of its North American operations.