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Luciano Pavarotti

Italian News / Music - December 1

Seventy-year-old opera legend Luciano Pavarotti confirmed yesterday he would play at least one final concert with Jose Carreras and Placido Domingo as the world famous Three Tenors. "I think we are going to make another concert or two with the other two tenors before I retire," the Italian star said in Hong Kong as he prepared to kick off a year-long farewell tour.

The Three Tenors became a worldwide phenomenon with a series of concerts in the 1990s that spawned one of the biggest selling CDs of all time and helped to broaden the public's interest in classical music. They played their last concert together in Yokohama, Japan, during the 2002 World Cup football finals.

Pavarotti said he would end a career that has spanned five decades with his last ever concerts next year in Milan, Vienna or New York. He said he wants to concentrate on teaching and to spend more time with his family, including three-year-old daughter Alice. The maestro refused to be drawn on whether or not he thought his voice was deteriorating, saying he would let his audience be the judge.