The Italian Almanac

Santa Claus

Italian News - December 6

An elementary school teacher in Como has come under fire from several of her students' parents for telling her third grade class that Santa Claus does not exist. Even though the decision to tell the third graders the truth about Santa was part of a program which had been discussed and approved by school staff, several parents apparently felt that they had been deprived of one of their functions.

One parent went to far as to write a letter to the school to explain her objection and signed it 'Santa Claus'. This was the opinion of one mother who in the guise of Santa wrote how unhappy she was about the revelation made in class. "To tell the truth it is I who cannot believe that an adult, presumably well-educated and what's more a teacher, was unable to offer intelligent answers which respect a magical, healthy world of imagination, something which is so needed in today's times."

The whole affair began several days ago when the teacher, while rehearsing a Christmas carol with her class, told them the 'truth' about Santa in what she thought was an unbiased manner and making no reference to religion. "Not everyone believes in Santa Claus and in my view I handled the matter in an appropriate way. The parents, with some exceptions, agreed with my approach and the children do not appear to be upset about it at all", the teacher said.

Parent and teacher later met and resolved their differences and shook hands.