The Italian Almanac

Gabriele Salvatores

Italian Movies - December 10

Oscar-winning Italian director Gabriele Salvatores will take to the sea for his next project, tentatively titled "Open Sea," a film he described as a 'Master and Commander' for the wretched. "To make an adventure film today you have to go to the open sea, outside of the territorial water where anarchy reigns," Salvatores told journalists at the Courmayeur in Noir Film Festival.

Salvatores said he wanted to tell the story about the sailors who ship the goods that no one wants, "those mariners who carry the goods, excuse the term, to the a--hole of the global market." The film will be shot in English and written by Umberto Contarello. Shooting will start at the end of August with much of it taking place in Ireland and India.

Salvatores' most recent film, the noir "Quo Vadis Baby?," did light business at the Italian box office, pulling in EUR2 million. The Naples-born director won the best foreign film Oscar for "Mediterraneo" in 1992.