The Italian Almanac

Letizia Moratti

Italian News - December 17

Two sisters-in-law, each married to a member of a wealthy Milanese clan, could battle it out for the job of city mayor early next year.

Education minister in the government of Prime Minister Silvio Berlusconi, Letizia Moratti, 56, is married to Gian Marco Moratti, head of the family oil group Saras, and said this week she hopes to carry the colours of the right.

Milly Bossi Moratti, 59, is married to Gian Marco's brother Massimo, president of the Inter Milan football club, rivals of Berlusconi's Milan AC. She will run in a January primary to select the leftwing candidate for the job of mayor of Italy's economic capital. Milly was elected a Green city councillor in 2001 and said she was surprised her sister-in-law was a candidate.

The two women admit they have little to do with each other.