The Italian Almanac


Italian News - December 14

The razzle-dazzle of Paris's circuses and the bustle of its marketplaces are explored through the work of great French illustrators and artists in a new exhibition. The show, on display in the coastal town of Anzio just outside Rome, charts the development of the French capital's hotspots from the 1700s onwards through a variety of original material.

The centrepiece of the event is a collection of valuable posters and prints, by names such as Henri de Toulouse Lautrec, Jules Cheret, Jean-Francois Raffaelli and Jean de Paleologue ("Pal"), but the subject matter is also the focus of detailed colour lithographs, postcards, drawings, watercolours and photographs.

Paris's first proper circus was the Amphiteatre Anglois, which opened its doors in the French capital in 1783. The structure was an offshoot of the world's first modern circus, created in London ten years previously by the so-called circus king, Philip Astley. An Italian aristocrat turned lion-trainer and horse-rider was the next to follow suite, building his Cirque Olympique in Paris in 1793.

Circo a Parigi (The Circus In Paris) runs in Villa Adele until December 17.