The Italian Almanac

Claudio Baglioni

Italian Music - December 14

Claudio Baglioni’s concert last Saturday was a night to remember for his many Maltese fans and also for those who might not like Italian music or this singer in particular. The Rome-born star gave a thrilling performance in front of a packed Mediterranean Conference Centre, singing most of his famous songs, adding a few others that are not so well-known in Malta (except to his fans) and, unfortunately, having to leave others out. The concert was supposed to have lasted 90 minutes, but the warmth of the audience must have pushed Baglioni to continue singing for almost an hour longer. In the end, even the most skeptical must have realised why Baglioni is always so popular.

He left the stage twice, seemingly bringing the performance to an end, only to come back as the theatre exploded into shouts of “Claudio, Claudio”. His solo effort on the piano and guitar brought out the best of the 54-year-old singer, who started off with Strada Facendo (While You Are on Your Way), a 1981 song that is one of the favorite “starters” he uses. One of the highlights of the concert was when he chose to leave his piano and guitar and sing Buona Fortuna (Good Luck) without the help of accompanying music. It was an emotional moment as his splendid voice filled the whole theatre, earning him some of the most enthusiastic applause of the night.

In spite of the size of the theatre, the concert was an intimate affair between Baglioni, alone on the darkened stage, and each and every one of the 1,400 people in the audience. Baglioni took his audience through the various stages of his career, singing what he described as his first song Signora Lia right through 40 years of success to his latest Tutti qui (They Are All Here), which gives the title to the triple album he has just released and which contains a new rendition of all his famous works.

He closed off with one of his greatest love songs Mille giorni di te e di me (One Thousand Days of Me and You), as the most ardent of his fans rushed to the foot of the stage to shake his hand and present him with flowers.