The Italian Almanac

Rudolph Valentino

Italian News - August 25

The Italian home town of silent movie great Rudolph Valentino is continuing its campaign to revive the actor's legend with a new cinema fest. The small town of Castellaneta in Puglia, on the instep of the Italian boot, will host the first edition of Valentino Film Festival next spring.

The event will be split in three competitive sections - one for shorts, one for video clips and another for adverts - and aims to provide a platform for emerging talent. The Magna Grecia Awards Association, which is organizing the show, said it is also about to open a new acting school, the Valentino Film Studio, for aspiring artists aged 18-30.

"We are looking for new talents who can emulate the legendary Rudolph Valentino, a figure that Castellaneta and Italy as a whole should take more advantage of in order to guarantee benefits both for art and tourism," explained the school's director, Italian actress Jenny Tamburi.

The festival will run from April 29 to May 6 2006, ending on the 111th anniversary of the fabled star's birth.