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Italian News - August 1

Italy's beach playboys, the seaside predators who would make a pass at every girl under the sun, appear to be a dying breed, according to a new report. The report found that Italian beaches are now populated by shy men who try to blend into the sand to avoid contact with strangers and comparison with other men who may be more handsome or well-built.

Based on a poll of 1,065 Italian men and women between the ages of 26 and 60, the report found that for 70% of Italians the beach pickup has become 'politically incorrect' and many actually feel uncomfortable on the beach. In fact, the report observed, the beach is no longer viewed as a playground to strike up new relationships, but a place where one's insecurities come into full light.

Only one third of those interviewed said they felt comfortable wearing their bathing suits, while 20% confessed that they felt naked or uneasy. The report found that men were more uncomfortable in their swimsuits than women and a whopping 71% were afraid of having to deal with strangers, especially foreigners.

According to the report, families were more prone to interact with others on the beach, mostly because of the exuberance of their children, along with couples who have been married for a long time and who strike up conversations with their umbrella neighbors to break the monotony of yet another holiday together.