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a memory of nonno Alberto

Italian News - August 19

In today's tough economic climate, Italy's grandparents are increasing a key source of support for young families, a new study has revealed.

Italy is traditionally a nation of strong family ties and grandparents have always played a central role in the development of younger generations. But a recent Observatory of the Elderly report suggests many Italian families would be unable to get by without the financial and practical help of the 'nonni'. The study showed that Italian grandparents give around 7.5 billion Euro a year to their children and grandchildren.

Seven out of 10 children the Observatory spoke to said they viewed their 'nonni' as a "sure reference point". According to a poll by the Eurispes research institute, published last year, Italian grandparents are living in a golden age in which they are loved and appreciated more than ever before.

Almost all the children interviewed by Eurispes said they felt loved by their grandparents and most also said they felt they were "understood" by them. Three quarters of the sample saw them as an essential source of information about life.

Furthermore, last month the Italian Parliament named October 2 - the day the church dedicates to guardian angels - National Grandparents' Day.