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ancient Egyptian jewels

Italian News - August 26

A priceless set of ancient jewelry, probably from Egypt, is the latest archaeological jackpot experts have struck on the southern Italian island of Pantelleria. Excavations at the 16th-century BC settlement of Mursia, on the north-western part of the isle, have uncovered a beautiful oriental style ring, necklace and pair of ear-rings.

The discovery comes on the back of a string of spectacular recent finds made here which date back to ancient Roman times. The finds provide further evidence that Pantelleria was a major trading and cultural crossroads between Italy, Africa, Greece, Crete and Asia Minor in ancient times.

"We can say that they are jewels made with great craftsmanship and of major archaeological importance," said Sebastiano Tusa, a top Italian archaeologist and the Island's Sea Superintendent. Tusa said the jewelry was found hidden in a cloth sack, probably to stop it being stolen by raiders like those who eventually burned down the Mursia settlement.

In recent weeks the dig has also unearthed vases, utensils and various other household objects at the site.