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cgil meeting

Italian News - August 27

The Bergamo chapter of Italy's largest and most leftwing union, CGIL, has organized a three-month training scheme starting September for ten immigrants from different sectors. "We're investing a large amount of money in the project as we know there are potential union leaders among the foreign workers," explained the head of the Bergamo CGIL, Maurizio Laini.

The 100,000-euro scheme will give the foreign workers hands-on experience in coping with the day-to-day business of running the unions, negotiating contracts and dealing with complaints. It will also include a series of theoretical lessons on CGIL's history and statute, and educate them on union practice, with particular emphasis on the legal rights of foreign workers.

Laini stressed that the scheme was not intended to create figures that catered only to the problems of immigrant workers. "Instead we'll be trying to produce top union figures that are skilled in all areas of union law, able to deal with a wide variety of problems," he said.