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can I diet with her?

Italian News - April 13

The diet-food miracle may work for Angelina Jolie, who wouldn't be without her low-cal yoghurts, or for Gwyneth Paltrow, whose supermarket trolley contains only lite products, but that doesn't mean they work for everyone. “Because the products sold as ‘lite’ in supermarkets aren't always genuinely low in calories”, warns the Altroconsumo consumers’ association, which has scrutinized the labels of leading diet products.

Altroconsumo filled its trolley with bread sticks, yoghurt, mozzarella and mayonnaise. The first conclusion was that “in 24 cases out of 42, the labels failed to comply with the regulatory parameters proposed for discussion on a European level.Except for beer and dairy products, there is a gap in legislation at the moment”. The second finding was “direct comparisons between standards products and lite versions did not reveal any particular differences in calorie content. Lite and standard versions are very similar”.