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stem cell

Italian Science - April 6

More than 300 delegates from around the world are gathering in Milan to talk about the ethical and legal implications of working with human cells. The medical experts will address a number of questions at the conference at the University of Milano this week. They hope their work will mean a move towards making stem cell research a more frequent activity in science labs.

The international conference on Advances in Stem Cell Research was organised by the European Consortium for Stem Cell Research (EuroStemCell). Scientists will spend the week comparing their work on embryonic, foetal and adult stem cells.

Clinical applications and ethical issues - both key considerations for stem cell researchers - will also be discussed. Patient groups will address the conference about the potential of stem cell research to offer treatment for serious diseases.

The conference follows EuroStemCell’s annual consortium meeting in Bellagio, Italy, and marks the end of the EU-funded project’s first year.