The Italian Almanac

It happens in Italy - November 17th

Maestro Remo Lauricella, English violinist of Italian origin, enjoyed visiting Italy, and he especially enjoyed visiting the town of Cremona and its famous collection of bow instruments, including precious violins made by Stradivari, Amati and Guarneri Del Gesu'.

That's why in Lauricella's testament there's a legacy donating to the town of Cremona his Stradivari violin "Il Vesuvio 1727", to be added to the city collection and to be played by young and talented musicians.

The violin has been valued .300,000 by Sotheby and it's currently held in London, at The Royal Academy of Music. To transfer the precious instrument the English government is asking the town of Cremona to pay an inheritance tax of .82,000. Surprisingly, no tax will be charged if the violin stays in London.

People of Cremona offered a subscription to get the required money but mayor Giancarlo Corada entrusted an English lawyer to verify the charge, declaring the unusual tax will be paid only if effectively due.