The Italian Almanac

November 2004


It happens in Italy - November 30

A wild  boar, probably  coming  from the 
near National  Reserve of  Monte Rufeno, 
invaded a doctor's office in San Lorenzo 
Nuovo, a village near Viterbo.

Music in Italy - November 28

Double charity  concert for Gianni
Morandi in  Novellaro,  a  village 
near Reggio Emilia, in the year of 
his 60th birthday.

Sport in Italy / Music - November 28

During Rai2 program "Quelli che il calcio"
Anthony  Costa, leading  voice  of "Blue",
invited forward  player Bobo Vieri to meet 
him after a concert.

It happens in Italy / Opera - November 27

After 30 months of restoration the famous 
opera house "La Scala" in Milan will open 
again December 7th, day of Saint Ambrogio, 
the patron saint of the town.

It happens in Italy - November 27

According to a research  published by the 
association "Donne & qualita' della vita" 
the  female  exclusive on  babysitting is 
coming to an end.

Cinema in Italy - November 25

Lisa  Gastoni is now shooting the 
role  of a  heartless  manager in 
"Sacro cuore"  (Sacred  Heart) by 
Ferzan Ozpetek. 

Television in Italy - November 25

Ezio  Greggio  celebrates 2,000 attendances 
as entertainer and announcer in the popular
daily strip "Striscia la notizia" (Crawling

It happens in Italy - November 23

The  main structure  for  the Christmas
Nativity has just been raised in Piazza 
San  Pietro,  Rome,  facing  the   most 
important cathedral of Christianity.

Music in Italy - November 22

The famous pop singer Elisa had a face
to face  meeting  with  young  fans in
Milan, and  talked  about  her career, 
her family, and her life. 

It happens in Italy - November 22

47 drivers died in Italy last 
weeekend  in  car  accidents, 
nearly doubling the number of 
the previous week.

Sport in Italy - November 22

The Italian National Team shared the
third  place with  USA  at Monterrey 
karate's World  Championship, coming
after Japan and England. 

It happens in Italy November 22

A king  size  truffle  was  sold  at the
second   edition  of  the  International 
Auction of Tuscany's Truffle in Castello
di Cafaggiolo.

It happens in Italy November 20

The first hydrogen fueled Italian bus was
shown today in Turin, travelling from Via
Bertola to Porta Palazzo and carrying Mr. 
Mattioli, Italian Secretary of Enviroment

It happens in Italy November 20

According to EURISPES about 51% of children between
7 to 11 years old  have a mobile  phone, confirming 
that Italy is still  firmly holding the first place 
in the world list of cellular phone's owners.

Music in Italy - November 18

Paolo Conte, the  popular  singer  and
author of "Azzurro", "Genova per noi",
"Bartali" and  many other famous songs
is now in tour.

It happens in Italy November 17

Don Alessandro Capaldi of "Nostra Signora 
della neve" is offering  to his followers  
a new chance to meet and  socialize every

It happens in Italy November 17

Maestro Remo Lauricella enjoyed coming to
Italy and he especially enjoyed  visiting
the  town  of Cremona  and  its  precious 
collection of bow instruments.

Television in Italy - November 15

Aida Yespica, the popular Venezuelan
model, has been  nominated  and cast 
away from the  tv  show "L'isola dei 
famosi"  (Island  of Famous People).

Sport in Italy - November 13

The Italian rugby team  was severely 
defeated  today  at  Stadio Flaminio 
in Rome by New Zealand's "All Black"
with a final score of 59/10.